Caitlin Krenz

Since her first word, “pretty,” beauty has been on Caitlin’s mind. At age 5, she sat down with her doll and taught herself how to french braid, at 14 she was doing her friends’ hair and makeup for school dances, and at 19, she was primping her fellow cast-mates for college plays. She earned a B.F.A. in Communications before continuing on to study hair and makeup artistry voraciously in Cosmetology school, where she graduated as a S.T.A.R. student. Within a month of her graduation, she was on-set shooting her first magazine cover, and she has continued to grow her list of loyal and satisfied clients since then. Her positive attitude and passion for her work create the perfect environment for collaboration. With her educational background in both arts and business, she brings not only a unique vision, but also a strong work ethic to every endeavor.